G.O.C FOOD PROCESSING EXPORT JSC (G.O.C) is a Vietnamese 100% private-owned company which was set up in 2004. 
Our main products are pickled vegetables such as pickle in vinegar, gherkins, cornichons, sweet corns, jalapenos, pimentos, pepperoncini, bell peppers, black and green peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, mixed vegetables, tropical fruits like pineapples, lychee, papaya and so on. The products are packed in jars, in cans and in pouches subject to different requirements from different markets.
Starting as a small company 15 years ago with a modest range of customers in the region, we have, over the times, expanded both extensively and intensively to an internationally recognized company. We have exported to first-class market with very strict regulations like Korea, Japan, Canada, USA, Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Israel... Our current customers are global leading retailers and importers all around the world just like Save A Lot (USA), Migros Corp (Switzerland), Aldi Germany, Toyota tsusho, Kobebusan(Japan); Samsung Everland, Ottogi, Ourhome,  (Korea), etc.
As regards to domestic market, we have become a well-known food supplier with highly qualified product. Our customers are prestigious restaurant chains and retailers such as Subway, Burger King, Lotteria, Vietnam Airline Catering, SaiGon Coop, Emart, etc. 
In the long-run, we target to become a globally recognized manufacturer of vegetables, fruit and spices in the world, aiming to improve the world’s awareness of Vietnamese agriculture while contributing more and more to the social community.
We always try our best to improve our product quality by modernize our production systems and fully comply with the regulations of ISO and HACCP to meet any demand and satisfactions of any customer.
Furthermore, we always well train our workers, employ experts in food industry to improve and secure the food safety. We give young employee opportunities to show their abilities and the creativities to make our products different to others.
With our experiences, we always welcome any customer to come and cooperate for us for our both benefit in coming time


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